Olivia Pryor


M.S. Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University


Introduction to Sociology

Race & Ethnicity

Sociology of Education


Olivia Pryor received her Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. Her master’s thesis, titled Race Talk in Neoliberal Higher Ed: “Diversity” Curriculum at a Large Urban University in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, qualitatively observes the role of neoliberalism, institutional contexts, and meaning-making in students’ race talk.

Through her thesis work, Olivia has become particularly fascinated with students interpreting and defying neoliberalism present in their institution, how the broader social climate interacts with meso-level actors, and student response to institutional control on a college campus. She plans to continue studying higher ed, racialization, and mobilization on a college campus setting.

Olivia also loves funk and jazz (not the kind they play in Starbucks), Oreos (with double-stuf being the only valid variety), and pigeons.