Graduate Student FAQ

Where can I find information about VCU resources available for students?
Where is the Sociology Department located?
Who should I contact if I need information?
Is any financial aid available for graduate students?
What is a full-time load for students?
Is being a graduate student different from being an undergraduate student?
I notice that the M.S. program allows for two curriculum options: thesis and applied. When do I have to choose which option to follow?
Are the required courses different for the thesis and applied options?
Are all required courses offered every semester?
How do I know what classes to take first?
How do I register for classes?
Is there a GPA requirement to remain in your program until completion of the degree?
Do online students have to purchase any additional hardware or software to participate in the program?
Does the department sponsor any student organizations?
What computer resources are available to students in the program?
How can students keep track of their work as they progress through their program?
What library resources are available to students in the program?
Do graduates of the M.S. program find jobs?

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Giving to Sociology

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