Thesis Option

In order to earn the M.S. through the Thesis Track, the student must complete 36 hours of graduate coursework, as follows:
Required Courses (See this link for descriptions):

  • SOCY 502 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOCY 601 Sociological Research Methods
  • SOCY 602 Applications of Sociological Research Methods
  • SOCY 608 Statistics for Social Research
  • SOCY 698 M.S. Thesis (6 credit hours maximum)
  • 18 credit hours of approved graduate electives

Up to six credits of independent study (SOCY 692) or credits outside the department may also be presented with administrative approval.

Students are required to apply for progression to the thesis preparation stage after 18 credit hours of coursework, normally at the end of their second semester in the program. During the second year of the program, students in the thesis track develop and publicly defend their M.S. thesis under the guidance of a thesis committee including three faculty members: (1) the thesis advisor, who must be a member of the Sociology Department, and (2) two committee members, one of whom must be from outside the department.

For more information on the curriculum for the Thesis Option in the Master of Science in Sociology, please visit the VCU Graduate Bulletin.

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