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NEWS: Principal investigators, Susan Bodnar-Deren and Patricia Kinser investigate Moms-to-be and Mindfulness: Alleviating depression during pregnancy

October 21, 2021

Some Richmond-area mothers-to-be may find help in dealing with depression, stress and anxiety through a clinical trial at Virginia Commonwealth University. The trial will seek to gauge the impact of mindfulness activities and social connections in alleviating anxiety and depression in pregnancy.

Principal investigators are Susan Bodnar-Deren and Patricia Kinser, the co-directors of perinatal research for the VCU Institute for Women’s Health. Bodnar-Deren also is an associate professor of sociology at VCU, and Kinser is an endowed professor in the School of Nursing. The program is funded through a $2.4 million, five-year federal grant that was announced in May.

The study involves women in their second trimester. All participants will receive an initial interview to assess their strengths and motivation in maintaining health and wellness.

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