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NEWS: Professor Ying-Chao Kao's publication: The effects of “homonormativity” on transnational Taiwan’s path to equality

October 15, 2021

Professor Ying-Chao Kao's publication The coloniality of queer theory: The effects of "homonormativity" on transnational Taiwan's path to equality.  This study extends the “Queer” Asias critique to deconstruct the coloniality of queer theory in transnational Taiwan. Focusing on Duggan’s critique of homonormativity, I used 22-months ethnographic data to examine its Taiwanese glocalization and influences on American scholars’ denigration of Taiwanese marriage equality campaigns. I argue that the glocalization of homonormativity theory has generated the disruption between queer theory and embodied experiences, falsely assumed the universalism of queer theory, and failed to recognize practices of diversifying families and resistance to neoliberalism. The homonormativity glocalization also produces “radical queer temporality” and Orientalist double standards that collude with imperialist epistemology. I conclude with strategies for a decolonial queer theory.

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