SOCY welcomes two new faculty members!

February 9, 2018

SOCY@ VCU is pleased to announce that Gabriela León-Pérez and Ying-Chao Kao will be joining the faculty in the Fall of 2018!

Gabriela León-Pérez's research focuses on issues pertaining to international migration, the experiences of immigrants in United States, and health disparities. In her dissertation she investigates whether return U.S. migration, internal migration, and no migration experience have different effects on the health trajectories of Mexicans. Her master's thesis examined the use of Mexican health care services by residents of a community on the U.S.-Mexico border. Other research projects focus on the effects of stress and legal status on the health of immigrants, as well as the physical and mental health of patients during and after hospitalization. 

Ying-Chao Kao is an activist scholar whose research focuses on sexuality and gender, intersectionality, inequality and culture. In addition to generating sociological knowledge, he participates in the social movements of the Taiwanese American community and in sexual rights activism in East Asia. Kao received his Master's degree in sociology from National Taiwan University, R.O.C. (Taiwan). His master’s thesis uses historical and ethnographic approaches to delineate how the Taiwanese conscription system constructs hegemonic masculinity and ensuing resistance in young soldiers’ daily life. As a mixed-method and bilingual researcher, Kao currently is working on two projects: Taiwanese BDSM subculture based on life histories and archival data; religious factors influencing attitudes toward homosexuality in international survey databases. His work has been published in ASA journal Contexts, Gender Equity Education Quarterly (in Chinese), in the edited book So I Do My Fieldwork: Personal Journeys of a Quaternary Practice (in Chinese), and in the newspaper Taipei Times.

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