Chris Mowery, Ph.D.

Christine Mowery, Ph.D.

Teaching Faculty
Assistant Chair
Founders Hall Room 229


2006 Ph.D. in Sociology, Vanderbilt University

1994 M.A. in Sociology, University of Delaware

Teaching Areas

Social Theory, Gender & Sexuality, Family


Both my research and teaching focus on gender inequality and its link to inequalities rooted in race, class, age, and sexuality. I am interested in examining both the sources of and changes in gender inequality, specifically within the United States.  My dissertation, The Impact of National Resources on Woman State Suffrage Outcomes: A Re-Examination of the Resource Mobilization Framework is an event history analysis of the relationship between the national and state suffrage organizations, which specifically examines the influence of national resources on state-level outcomes in the campaign for women’s suffrage. My current research explores how certain traditions within a private, highly selective liberal arts university located in the South, play a role in maintaining and promoting problematic social constructions, including those of patriarchy and gender. This qualitative study analyzes a number of rituals to determine how they are performed in a gendered, heteronormative context that serves to uphold and in fact reify constructions of traditional gender roles and heteronormativity.

I am also highly involved in undergraduate development, advising, and curriculum revision within the Sociology Program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Select Publications

Slevin, Kathleen, and Christine Mowery. 2012. “Exploring Embodied Aging and Ageism Among Old Lesbians and Gay Men.” Pp. 260-277 in Sex for Life, from Virginity to Viagra, How Sexuality Changes Throughout our Lives, edited by Laura Carpenter and John DeLamater. New York: NYU Press.

Mowery, Christine, and Sarah Jane Brubaker. 2011. “How USA Today Constructs the Problem of Mercury Pollution: A Sociological Analysis of Risk and Blame.” Pp. 101-117 in Mercury Pollution: A Transdisciplinary Treatment, edited by Sharon Zuber and Michael Newman. Boca Raton, FL:CRC Press.

McCammon, Holly, Karen Campbell, Ellen Granberg, and Christine Mowery. 2001. “How Movements Win: Gendered Opportunity Structures and U.S. Women’s Suffrage Movements, 1866-1919.” American Sociological Review. 66(1): 49-70.

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