The sociology department at VCU advises all sociology majors and minors. The advising office assists students with both academic and career planning. Academic advising appointments are designed to guide students through the sociology major and assist in developing a curriculum plan that best serves a student’s interest. Advisors also help with university paperwork and graduation applications. Students may also find support in career planning through potential jobs and internships, as well as graduate school planning and application process.

We strongly recommend that students schedule annual advising appointments to ensure adequate completion of all their degree. Students considered seniors (91+ earned credit hours) should schedule advising meetings for their final semesters to ensure all qualifications have been met towards graduation and they have filed the necessary paperwork to graduate.

Students seeking to schedule an advising appointment need to log in to the advising page at OR on MyVCU page and look for the link entitled "Advising Appoointments"

Only available slots will be shown, the calendar shows appointments two weeks out at a time.

Must schedule an appointment at least 24 hours ahead of the appoiontment time.

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