Career Opportunities

In a world full of challenges and opportunities, a sociology degree helps you better understand social life and consider the potential for social change. As a discipline, sociology is at the forefront of exploring issues of social power, inequalities, diversity and human relationships. The questions sociologists ask are at the heart of social and cultural debates related to living and working in the modern world.

It’s hard to overstate the flexibility and applicability of a sociology degree for those seeking to establish themselves in a variety of career fields, including public health and medicine, law and criminal justice, public policy, media and communications. The skills developed as a sociology major, including critical thinking, analytical processing, writing and communication, are highly marketable skills in today’s economy.

To help prospective and active sociologists get a better fix on all of the careers they can do with sociology, we've charted potential career pathways.

Bachelor-Level Job Titles

Graduate and Professional Level Job Titles

Professional Associations and Resources

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