All Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Angelica Bega Assistant to the Chair
Office Manager (804) 828-4028
Rachel S. Bobbit, Ph.D Lead Advisor (804) 828-8847
Susan Bodnar-Deren, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (804) 827-0523
Victor Chen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (804) 828-4031
Liz Coston, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Tressie M. Cottom, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (804) 828-0735
Ann Creighton-Zollar, Ph.D. Emeriti Faculty
David Croteau, Ph.D. Emeriti Faculty
Diana Gay Cutchin Teaching Faculty
Instructor (804) 828-3056
Yuliya Dudaronak, Ph.D. Instructor (804) 827-8236
David Franks, Ph.D. Emeriti Faculty
Gabriela León-Pérez Assistant Professor
Jesse Goldstein, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (804) 827-0547
Zachary Goodell, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Instructor (804) 828-5632
Julie Honnold, Ph.D. Associate Professor (804) 828-6680
Jennifer A. Johnson, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Chair (804) 828-6826
Ying-Chao Kao, PhD Assistant Professor
Meredith Katz, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Internship Coordinator (804) 828-4027
Joseph Marolla, Ph.D. Emeriti Faculty
Christine Mowery, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Undergraduate Program Director (804) 827-0549
Mark Plume, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty
Olivia Pryor, M.S. Adjunct Faculty
Randall Salm, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty
Rachel Sparkman, M.S. Adjunct Faculty
Tara Stamm, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Graduate Program Director (804) 828-9432
Perry Threlfall, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty
Travis Williams, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty

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