Faculty Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Rachel S. Bobbit, Ph.D Lead Advisor bobbittrs@vcu.edu (804) 828-8847
Susan Bodnar-Deren, Ph.D. Assistant Professor smbodnar@vcu.edu (804) 827-0523
Victor Chen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor vchen@vcu.edu (804) 828-4031
Liz Coston, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Tressie M. Cottom, Ph.D. Assistant Professor tmcottom@vcu.edu (804) 828-0735
David Croteau, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Online Learning Innovation Specialist
VCU Office of Online Learning
Diana Gay Cutchin Teaching Faculty
dcutchin@vcu.edu (804) 828-3056
Jesse Goldstein, Ph.D. Assistant Professor jgoldstein2@vcu.edu (804) 827-0547
Zach Goodell, Ph.D. Instructor zggoodel@vcu.edu (804) 828-5632
Julie Honnold, Ph.D. Associate Professor jhonn@vcu.edu (804) 828-6680
Jennifer A. Johnson, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Chair jajohnson3@vcu.edu (804) 828-6826
Meredith Katz, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Internship Coordinator
makatz@vcu.edu (804) 828-4027
Christine Mowery, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Undergraduate Program Director
cmowery@vcu.edu (804) 827-0549
Tara Stamm, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty
Graduate Program Director
tmstamm@vcu.edu (804) 828-9432
Travis Williams, Ph.D. Teaching Faculty

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