Tara Stamm

Tara Stamm, Ph.D.

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Graduate Program Director
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2015 Ph.D., Sociology, Florida State University, Tallahassee
Dissertation:“From Stigma to Acceptance: Contemporary Teen Mothers in Popular Media” Committee: Deana Rohlinger (chair), John Reynolds, Doug Schrock, Leigh Edwards

2012 M.S., Sociology, Florida State University, Tallahassee

2007 M.A., Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics, University of North Florida, Jacksonville

2005 B.A., English Literature, University of North Florida, Jacksonville


Tara Stamm received her PhD in Sociology from Florida State University in 2015, an MA in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics from the University of North Florida in 2007 and a BA in English Literature also from the University of North Florida in 2005. She recently joined VCU in August of 2015. Broadly, her research and teaching spotlights the experiences and depictions of young mothers, the importance of emerging mixed-methodological techniques, and intersections between gender, education, and media in popular culture. She is currently working on a project which uses an original content analysis of historical news broadcasts to examine depictions of social movement activists from 1970 to present and another which exposes the Neoliberal discourse of millennial generation feminists. Her dissertation, “Just wait until the baby comes: time, ‘reality’, and teen motherhood” is a mixed methods approach to understanding both how teen mothers report spending their time and how media portrays teen mothers’ time use. This research showed how teen mothers selectively draw from both contemporary mothering practices and teenage emotion to reconstruct a historically stigmatized class of mothers.


Forthcoming: Kennedy, Stephanie C., Tara Stamm, and Casey Yu. “Mothers of Honor: Intentional Construction of Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Support”. Taking the Village Online: Mothers, Motherhood, and Social Media edited by Lorin Basden Arnold and BettyAnn Martin.

Forthcoming: Stamm, Tara. “Value Justice in a Southern Prison”. Keeping it Holy: Southerners, the South and the Theme of Justice edited by Teresa Booker. University of Mississippi Press: Jackson.

2014 Rohlinger Deana, Jesse Klein, Tara Stamm, and Kyle Rogers. “Constricting Boundaries: Collective Identity in the Tea Party Movement” in Border Politics, Social Movements and Globalization edited by Nancy Naples and Jennifer Bickham-Mendez. New York: New York University Press.

2013 Rohlinger, Deana., Tara Stamm. “Acting Contentiously: Simulating Social Movements”
Academic Exchange Quarterly Volume 17, Issue 2.

Book Reviews
2013 Stamm, Tara M., “Suspect Citizens: Women, Virtue, and Vice in Backlash Politics”.
Mobilization. Volume 18, Number 2 p. 215-224

2009 Stamm, Tara M., “Capitalizing on Disaster: Taking and Breaking Public Schools”
Radical Teacher, Number 85, pp. 64-67

Manuscripts in submission
Rohlinger, Deana and Tara Stamm. “New Media and American Society: The Eroding Boundaries between Institutions and Our Lives” Proposal Submitted to NYU Press

Manuscripts in preparation
Stamm, Tara and Alexandra Olsen “Gender and Generations: vagina art and political talk” Expected submission date: Spring 2015

Rohlinger, Deana, Rebecca Redmond, Alexandra Olsen, Tara Stamm, Haley Gentile. “Visualizing Activism” Expected submission date: Fall 2015

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