Q & A with Stephanie Cull 

stephanie cull
Name: Stephanie Cull
Major: Sociology and Psychology
Future goals: Receive my doctorate and become a professor/researcher
 Sociology is a fascinating field with so much to offer. In a world so fraught with inequity and inequality, sociology offers tools to examine and attempt to solve the disparities surrounding us all. 

When did you decide to study sociology?

I took a social problems class in community college where we learned about common issues facing our society, such as poverty, racism, criminality and homelessness. We examined these issues, and more, from a sociological perspective and discussed probable solutions. It was a fascinating and eye-opening course and I absolutely loved it. I decided to take more sociology courses to explore the subject more fully and fell in love with the field. Having lived as an LGBTQ+ person with disabilities, I have personally experienced many of the inequalities and inequities that we, as sociologists, explore. Sociology is a very interesting field with no shortage of fascinating areas to explore. The more sociology classes I take, the more passionately I feel about the field.

What was your favorite class that you took in your major? And why?

I have taken so many intriguing and fascinating sociology courses that there is no way I could pick just one. Some of my favorites have been Sociology of Emotions, Gender in Society, and Religion, Sex and Global Inequality. These courses each expanded my sociological knowledge and engaged me in thoughtful, intellectual discourse. These courses offered safe spaces to engage with the professor and peers on topics highly relevant to the world today. Each of these courses helped me grow as a student and as a person.

Who was your favorite professor in your major? And why?

I have loved all of the sociology professors that I have had the privilege to learn from. Some of my favorites have been Dr. Zach Goodell, Dr. Tara Stamm, Dr. Ying-Chao Kao and Dr. Christine Mowery. Each of these professors offered amazing classroom atmospheres, engaging classroom discussions and incredible breadth of knowledge about their class topics. They contributed to my sociological knowledge, my view of the world at large and my growth as a student.

Can you tell us about Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honors society?

I was lucky enough to be able to serve as an undergraduate representative of the Alpha Kappa Delta leadership team with graduate student leaders and Dr. Kao. This was an incredible opportunity and experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. AKD at VCU hosts events where sociology students and faculty can gather to socialize, discuss current events and contemplate sociological concepts and theories.

One of the events that Alpha Kappa Delta hosted was a community panel in which three community leaders came to speak about their experiences working for non-profit organizations around the Richmond Metro Area. It was a wonderful panel and the speakers were incredible. We learned about how they each got involved in their work, what work their respective organizations perform and how we could get involved. It was so wonderful to hear about the work community leaders perform to address the inequities and inequalities that we study as sociologists.

Why should students consider sociology as a major?

Sociology is a fascinating field with so much to offer. In a world so fraught with inequity and inequality, sociology offers tools to examine and attempt to solve the disparities surrounding us all. Sociology is a highly relevant and pertinent field and the professors at VCU are incredible mentors that will engage and enlighten you on your academic journey. I highly recommend sociology at VCU.

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